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Baby girls steal their mom's beauty?

Posted by admin | Jan 17 2014 | 0 comments | 0 likes


There's simply no scientific evidence to back this one up.  According to Dr. Stone, of How Stuff Works, "The thing about it is that it's so chauvinistic — why is it that a girl's going to steal her mother's beauty? — Anyway, it's not true, it's ridiculous." (source).  The truth is that many women battle acne during pregnancy (in fact, nearly 2 out of 10 - source), with the typical cause being an increased level of hormones experienced during pregnancy. You can blame other not-so-sightly issues on pregnancy fatigue, which is also common during the first trimester (and let's face it, all through pregnancy), as you're body is hard at work developing the placenta, and well, growing a human!


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